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Weekend trip to Seville

As I tell you in the ABOUT ME section, I spent part of my life living in the Dominican Republic. My childhood best friend decided to go on a trip to Spain and Portugal with one of her friends and asked me to join in. She told me her itinerary and I was able to join them when they would be in Seville. I never had been before, so it was the perfect opportunity to get to know it.

My friend and I in the Alcazar of Seville

We arrived on Friday midday and left on Sunday morning. (it's what we managed to do with the available trains and airplanes at the time). We chose an Airbnb in the Alameda de Hércules area, with 2 bedrooms for them, my boyfriend and I. This is an amazing location because it's close enough to the city center and there are many bars and restaurants nearby.

How to arrive to Seville from the airport

From the airport to Alameda de Hércules, we took the bus EA that takes you to the city. The price was about 4€ per person. We got off at the bus stop Kansas City, and we took the C1 bus to Resolana stop. Ths bus cost us 1.40€ each. From there, we walked 5 minutes to the apartment. The rest of the weekend we didn't take any more public transportation. We walked everywhere, which in Seville is easy to do. We walked about 24km each day!

Day 1

My boyfriend and I arrived earlier than the girls to Seville, so we started walking without a plan until it was lunchtime, when they arrived. We wanted to eat at "Mercado de Feria", which was a few minutes away from the apartment. Unfortunately, we went too late and there was barely any food left. We decided to go to a restaurant next door, called "Papanatas". The food was delicious and the price was ok: 11€ each, having beer, wine, iberic secret, flamenquines, salmorejo and cazón to share.

When we finished, we started walking around the city. First stop was in Las Setas. We contemplated the views from the rooftop where you can see all Seville from there. The entrance ticket includes one drink in a bar called La Sureña and a postcard of the city in the gift shop. The price is 3€ and free if you live there or if you were born there.

We continued walking through the small streets of the city center. You can easily spend hours just walking around, checking stores, going to bars.. This part is super cozy and beautiful. If you keep going south, you will end up in Seville's Cathedral, which we would visit the next day. After that, we went to El Patio de las Banderas, the Judería and Murillo Gardens.

The sun started to set, so with the beautiful light of Seville, we headed to Plaza España. Did you know one of the Star Wars movies was shooted there? The place is so beautiful that no wonder why they did that. We spent 45 minutes walking around and looking at all the details the place has. There is one bench with painted tiles representing each one of the provinces in Spain. You can also pay to get in one of the little boats that are on the square.

When we finished it was almost night time. As my friend and her friend aren't spanish, at 8pm they were starving, so we crossed the river, walked through the Torre del Oro and walked by the river to the "Mercado Lonja del Barranco". There is almost any type of food there, so anyone can be happy eating there. The buildings around are not the most beautiful but the place is very pretty and the views to the river are stunning. We spent hours there talking about our childhood and catching up with the years we spent apart.

Day 2

For breakfast, we went to "el Badulaque'' which was very near to our apartment. The price was good and the food was delicious. We had a reservation for the Alcázar de Sevila at 10:30, so we headed there. I recommend getting a reservation with time if you want to avoid a gigantic line. We also visited el Palacio Real Alto, which can't be photographed due to preservation. The rest of the Alcázar and the gardens are so beautiful! The Game Of Throne's Dorne scenes were shot here. It's like being in Westeros!

You can get your tickets here: https://www.alcazarsevilla.org/

After, we visited the Cathedral and got to the top of the Giralda. We didn't make any reservation and had no issue going in. The wait was only 5 minutes. If you want you can purchase the tickets in advance. From the top of la Giralda, you can see all the views of the city. Also, you can visit Cristobal Colombu's grave. The price of the ticket is 9€.

It was lunch time so we headed to a few restaurants a friend of mine suggested, but everything was incredibly full, so we went to the first place that had an available table. I had no idea what the name was or where it was so I can't recommend it, anyways, we all ended up with a terrible stomach ache, so it's better not to go there haha. I'm leaving you a list with bars and restaurants suggested by a local. HERE

After lunch, we took a walk through Triana and crossed the mythic bridge with the same name to see the incredible atmosphere you can breath in this neighbourhood. We headed home to rest and later had dinner at "El Badulaque". I highly recommend the Tortilla de Patatas. It's so delicious!!

Day 3: going back home

We had to take our flight home back in the morning, so we only had time for breakfast with my friend and that was it. We went to a place named "No Piqui". I had pancakes that were so amazing that I couldn't believe it. It was more on the pricey side, but it was totally worth it!

At the end, we had to say goodby and go back to Madrid.

If you have spare extra time:

If you have more time to spend in Seville, I recommend visiting Casa de Platos or if you like old retro stuff, the Expo of 92.

Until next time!

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