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What to visit in Lanzarote - Part I

I've spent part of my teenage years and some of my adulthood in this wonderful island I can now call home. Due to the experience living here, I can now give you may tips on what to visit here. Hope you find this useful.

I must say before hand that the idea that in the Canary Islands the weather is always perfect isn't true. It is obviously going to have a better weather that in northern Europe, but it can sometimes get windy or chilly. I recommend bringing a few jackets and jeans just in case. You can also have and incredibly hot day and a cold night due to the desert climate, so have that in mind.

If you are wondering where to stay, I recommend two main places: Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen. Puerto del Carmen has more people usually in it and therefore there are more things to do and they're more restaurants and bars, and Costa Teguise is a bit more calm but still has many services.

Public transportation is very slow and the cost is high comparing to other places in Spain if you ask me. I would recommend renting a car if you are thinking on visiting the island.

Now I will be listing the things you can do in Lanzarote, but the order is just random. There are no better or worse plans. They are all great.

1. Spend the day in Famara.

This is my favorite beach in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. I usually go there with friends and spend the whole day there. Even have lunch in the beach by making a picnic or going to the town to a restaurant to eat fresh fish. The town Famara must be visited, as very few towns in the world you will see that the streets are made out of sand. It is beautiful. I recommend you having a lot of sunscreen on hand even if it's cloudy. The sun here is very intense.

You can also have kite or surf clases. I did mine in Franito School and it was so much fun!

2. Spend the day in Papagayo beach.

This beach is a protected beach due to its natural habitat so it is commun if you get changed a small amount to take care of the place. There are 3 beaches there, they are all good. I would recommend on not forgetting your sunscreen, hat and goggles to see the fishes in the sea. We usually take food and have lunch there. You can also go to the restaurant located on the side of the parking.

3. Explore Timanfaya National Park.

The hole island is Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO since 1993, but this part in specific, is a National Park. Even if volcanoes are still alive and active, there hasn't been any eruptions since 1824.

Walking on your own by the park is completely forbidden. You would have to make a reservation to do trekking in the page attached here. The only way visiting the park without reservations is by parking and riding on the oficial but which will take you through the volcanos and explain its history in several languages. The price of the bus is included in the entrance of the park.

There is a restaurant in the park where you can eat meat cooked by the heat of the volcano. Also, a guide will show you other secrets you will enjoy there.

4. Eat fresh fish in El Golfo.

This is something I usually do when visiting the south of the island. This is a small fishermen town by the sea where you can have fresh fish just gotten that morning or the day before. I usually go to the restaurant called Mar Azul which has delicious typical canarian food. You must try the Papas con Mojo and the Queso Fresco.

5. See the Green Lake.

Just before you arrive to El Golfo, there is to the side a Parking where you can let the car and see the Green Lake. It is green due to the sea weed in that lake and the sulfur from the volcanos. You might be able to tell that it actually is a volcanic crater. In the past you where allowed to go down to that beach and see more closely, but the amount of people visiting where damaging the place and now you can only see it from the top.

6. See the Hervideros in a day where the sea is very agitated.

These kind of days are the best to see this place. It make the water go through a series of holes and looks like if they were heiser's.

I would recommend that on the way there, stop in a couple of black sanded beaches as Playa de Montaña Bermeja to see a different type of beach typical of volcanic islands.

This part is still part of the National Park, so bringing home a stone is completely forbidden. Please be very conscious about taking care of the island. We try to be as respectful as possible with nature.

7. See La Graciosa from El Mirador del Río.

You can easily visit this after the Jameos del Agua or La Cueva de los Verdes. You can visit it from the building design by Cesar Manrique or have a walk though the pathway. I recommend both. From there you can see our smaller island: La Graciosa. Also, you can see Alegranza and Montaña Clara. The view is breathtaking.

8. Visit La Cueva de los Verdes.

I'm not attaching any photos of this place because I want you to discover it on your own and I don't want to spoil anything but you most visit it. It is completely family friendly and it takes no physical effort so don't worry if you are in low shape you will be able to visit it safely.

There are also concerts celebrated here are there is an amazing acoustic.

If you are planning on visiting several of the tourisitics centers, I would recommend on buying a 3, 4 or 6 pack as it would be cheaper in the end. It depends on which places you are planning on visiting. Have some more info here. If you plan on only paying for this place it would be 9.5€ per adult.

9. Visit Los Jameos del Agua.

This is my favorite place in the island. There is a beautiful ambience designed by Cesar Manrique by respecting the nature of the island. You can also see our albino crabs which are the only in the world. There is a ba, restaurant and auditorium. You can even have a party there or get married.

The price is the same as in La Cueva de los Verdes.

10. Enjoy cocktails in La Ola.

One of my favorite places to hang out. It is located in Puerto del Carmen. You can also have breakfast, lunch or dinner there. It is just by the sea so you would have amazing views. Drinks usually cost around 6-9€ and they have a huge variety.

This is the end of part 1! Hope you enjoyed it. Soon you will have part 2 available, becuase there is so much more you can do in this wonderful island! Thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

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