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What to visit in Lanzarote - Part II

Welcome back to what to see in Lanzarote! You probably want to know what else to see in this beautiful island, so here you have more things to do!

1. Visit the vineyards.

Wine in Lanzarote has its own Appellation of Origin due to the unique way that the grapes are grown. Lanzarote is a windy island, so they managed to make the vines grow in such a hostile climate by growing them in a hole in the floor. The island ground is very fertile and the lava helps the water get retained for a very long time. This makes them have very good quality grapes for a very delicious wine. You can get in your car and go on a small trip visiting some of the wine warehouses and see the vineyards and even taste the wine.

2. See the edge of the world in Las Neives.

I never visited this place until very recently and I regret it so much! Famara is my favorite beach and you can see it perfectly from there as you would be just above it. You can park your car in the Ermita de las Nieves and have a small 2 minute walk to the edge. If you go on a windy day you will hear nothing but silence.

3. Go shopping on a Sunday to the Flea Market in Teguise.

The flea market usually moves around the island, every day having it in one town, but the most popular one is the one made in Teguise each Sunday. This used to be the former capital of the island so it's a great excuse to visit it. You can find there the perfect souvenirs to take home! Cheese, wine, artesanal goods, mojo picón, ... You can also have lunch or have a quick stop in any of their restaurants or bars in the island. I like a places called La Palmera where there is usually live music in the afternoons. Nearby, you can also visit the Pirates Museum in an old castle and get the great views from the town from there.

4. Have a trip to La Graciosa, the eighth island.

If you will be staying in Lanzarote long enough, I would recommend on visiting La Graciosa, which is a small island next to it. There are only two towns and about 736 habitants the last time I checked. You can take a ferry from Órzola which costs 26€ and it takes about 30 minutes to arrive from there. There are no roads in this island: it is all sand! If you go there, you should visit La Concha beach to see the other smaller islands from there.

5. Visit colonial castles in Arrecife.

Arrecife is the actual capital of Lanzarote, and though is not the most beautiful place in the island, it is worth spending a day there. You should at least visit the Castillo de San José and the Castillo de San Gabriel. They were forts in the colonial era which now hold the contemporary art museum. It has very nice view. When you finish visiting them, you can have a walk by the sea and go to the Charco de San Ginés and grab a bite there or just visit.

6. Visit Haría and the house of César Manrique.

Haría is a beautiful town where the house of Cesar Manrique is. You can visit it and see how he lived.You can see his personal style reflected in this house. You also need to see the town. It's so beautiful! In spring and end of winter you can see how this area of the island turns green and it looks like you are visiting a hole other place.

7. Salinas del Janubio.

This place is perfect to visit when you decide to go to the south of the island and see El Golfo or Timanfaya. This is where salt is produced and depending on the stage of production, it will be one color or another. It can be completely covered in white, you can also see pinkish hue, see a bluish color or brown. You can see it from the lookout or make a reservation to go down and walk though it.

Photo from Andreas Weibel

8. Go to Arrieta.

It is a small town located in the north of island. I've been there several times as we have a friend living there. Visiting this town is a good way of seeing how people in the island spend their free time and get to know the culture. You can go and have lunch in a place called El Chiringuito, where you can eat typical canarian food: papas arrugadas, lapas, fresh fish, cheese and more. You also have the little beach of La Garita just in front of this place, you can spend some time in the beach and jumping from the bridge as a local.

9. Eat indian food in Lanzarote.

I know, you are probably wondering why I'm recommending Indian food in Lanzarote, but as so many british people come to the Canary Islands on vacations, we now have large indian community in our island. Indian food here is so much more delicious and cheap that in the rest of the country and it is worth eating in one of them at least once. Here I'm listing some of my favorites:

- Masala Lounge in Costa Teguise.

- Royal Indian Cuisine in Costa Teguise ( the waiters don't even speak spanish haha).

- Indian Aroma in Puerto del Carmen.

I'm ending here part 2 of what to visit in Lanzarote. Hope it has been useful and that you enjoy your stay in the island! Maybe there will be part 3 someday, who knows! Thank you for reading and I hope you come back soon to the blog.

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